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A Rainbow in my Yard(sticks)


I heard about the Young House Love Pinterest Challenge from another new blogger that I know in real life, and it was the kick in the pants I needed to finally launch the blog I’ve been writing in my head for several years now.


I am excited to share my St. Patrick’s Day mantel today.  I have been building my St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board for a couple weeks, and I fell in love with this project from Landee See, Landee Do.  I just knew I had to bring that pop of color into my room, with my own spin, of course.


I love to incorporate typography and numbers into my decor, and yardsticks are a fun way to do that. I’ve picked up a handful at sales over the years, but I decided to buy new yardsticks for this project they are sold at most hardware and paint stores and cost less than a dollar each.  I wish I had representation from more than just two stores here, but I didn’t want to do any more running around.


I bought 13 yardsticks, allowing for 2 per color.  I cut them in half and used Gorilla Glue to adhere the 12 colored pieces to the last 2 pieces on the backside. I just did a simple color wash over the yardsticks, as I wanted to still see the type.


I used acrylic craft paints, squirted a bit onto a paper plate, dabbed a paper towel into water and then the paint, and wiped it onto the bare yardstick. It’s important to apply the paint evenly and to wipe it with a dry paper towel immediately. If it’s a little uneven, you can try to spread it around with a wet paper towel. The piece you see in this picture (from another project I’ll blog about soon) actually ended up a bit uneven because the paint soaked in unevenly when I stopped to snap a picture.


If your fingers look like this, then you’re doing it right!


Here’s what the reverse side looks like.  I wanted to maximize the cuteness of this project and be able to use it again, so I painted the reverse a different color BEFORE gluing.  I color washed them with a very pale blue.  It reminds me of a picket fence.  I think at Easter time I may use it to display a photo like here or hang a small wreath over it.

So, that’s it for my maiden blog post voyage!  I have more St. Patrick’s Day projects to post about (with more Pinterest love), as well as share about me and my family.  Maybe once I send this blog url to friends and family, someone will actually read my posts, too!